This section includes presentations made at conferences

Social Development

In this video I talk about how social development offers a different paradigm for social work in child protection. It is ...
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Chile and Uruguay

My presentation to the UNICEF conference in Chile for Chile and Uruguay. I talk about international trends in child protection ...
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Do No Harm

This transcript of my speech was from the "Do No Harm" seminar in Parliament on September 11th 2018 organised by ...
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Finland Presentation

My presentation at the Central Union for Child Welfare conference “Equality in everyday life” in Finland 25th October 2018. The ...
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Emotional harm

Here's my presentation at the Transparency Project's conference and the Guardian article by Louise Tickle is here based on these ...
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We need to change child protection to boot out austerity

Few would doubt that the wide range of cuts in services and increasing child poverty due to austerity policies has ...
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