Child Protection

My research and writing on child protection featured here:

Deprivation and child protection involvement

How child protection’s ‘investigative turn’ impacts on poor and deprived communities Levels of contact with children's services in a class ...
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More parents accused of child abuse than ever before

Parents in English-speaking countries are now increasingly likely to be accused of abusing their children. This mainly affects large proportions ...
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Children’s involvement in the English child protection system before age of 5

Academic paper: Referrals and Child Protection in England: One in Five Children Referred to Children’s Services and One in Nineteen ...
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Western Australia

Analysis ofover 20 years of data on Western Australia's Child Protection system includes the following three papers ...
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Investigative Turn

Internationally in many English speaking countries there are growing numbers of child protection investigations. In England there has been a ...
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Bruised Babies

How policies misinterpret research and exaggerate risk This review of the 91 English children’s services departments with specific policies on ...
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