Current Work

Recent/Forthcoming Conferences/Workshops

  • September 15th 2018 panel discussion “Future Risk of Emotional Harm – justified grounds to remove children?” Transparency Project
  • September 25th 2018 How English speaking countries are losing their way at “Equality in everyday life” Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland
  • Battle of Ideas debate From Safeguarding to Grooming Gangs: Is child protection working?
  • Scotland Launch conference for Parent Advocacy and Rights organisation
  • Sheffield  Your Family Your Voice conference
  • Manchester at MRC conference
  • MRC conference in London
  • Family Group Conference workshop Camden
  • 4th/5th December 2018 Planning workshop on Promoting Parental Advocacy in child protection reform with David Tobis
  • April 2019 Masterclass in Child Protection System Reform with David Tobis

Current work

  • Planning a Masterclass on Child Protection Reform with David Tobis to be held at UCLan April 2019
  • Developing a network on promoting parental advocacy in child protection reform with David Tobis
  • Writing a position paper with David Tobis on parental advocacy in child protection reform in middle and low-income countries for the Better Care Network
  • Further research into child protection in the UK and Western Australia

Recent work

Previous Conferences/Workshops