CP Overview

My research and writing on child protection listed below. They have had wide coverage in the media including most daily newspapers, the Today Programme,  Victoria Derbyshire,

Differences between rates of adoption in local authorities and their links to child protection acitivity: This research follows two cohorts of children from birth to their 5th birthday in 2012 and 2017 fiscal years and shows major differences in rates of adoption between local authorities which have been called a postcode lottery for adoption The study also shows substantial increases in the involvement of children with children’s social care including the finding that 1in 16 children were investigated before their fifth birthday

Emotional Harm: This study of trends in emotional harm findings in England was carried out for the Transparency Project‘s conference Future Risk of Emotional Harm – justified grounds to remove children? on 15 Sept. ’18. Louise Tickle wrote an article in the Guardian covering this study

CP BEFORE AGE 5: My research that shows one in 5 children were referred to children’s services and 1 in 19 investigated in England before their fifth birthday in 2014-15.
In Western Australia 13% of all children born in 1990 and 1991 were reported before reaching the age of eighteen and a disturbing increase in reports of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in recent cohorts with an estimate that almost half of Aboriginals born in 2004 had been reported before their fifth birthday

BRUISED BABIES: A critical study of the research into bruising in babies and the procedures across England that exaggerate risk

DEPRIVATION: A study showing the links between deprivation and involvement in the child protection system

BASW BLOG: A blog about how our parent blaming approach to child protection supports austerity and how it could be different

INVESTIGATIVE TURN: How English speaking countries are investigating more and more children – 37% of all children in USA!

CARE CRISIS REVIEW: My evidence to the Care Crisis Review that published it’s findings 13th June 2018

Child Protection in Western Australia Three studies of child protection in Western Australia