Professor Andy Bilson

Andy’s current research focuses on the overemphasis and exaggeration of risk in the child protection system and the increasing separation of children from parents through adoption and care.
I am working with Professor David Tobis to promote parental advocacy and activism in child protection reform and in late 2018 we brought together parents and their allies from countries across the UK, Australia and the US to develop the International Parent Advocacy Network.

My research in the news

The Poor Parents

Tortoise Media has produced useful presentations of some of my data on referral rates and children placed for adoption. The ...
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Fabricated and Induced Illness

My contribution on the Radio 5 Investigates programme about Fabricated and Induced Illness I come in just before 39 minutes ...
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Professional Social Work

One in every 23 children in Scotland is involved in child protection investigations a piece about my study from Professional ...
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Response to NAO report on Today

Here's my interview from the Today Programme on 23rd January 2019. The National Audit Office report is Pressures on Children's ...
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Masterclass: Analysing and Reforming Child Protection Systems

David Tobis and Andy Bilson are leading a Masterclass in child protection system reform to be held at the University ...
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BBC on Parent Advocacy & increases in children in care

The BBC coverage of the first gathering of the International Parent Advocacy Network along with data on the rapidly increasing ...
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Emotional Harm

Coverage by the Guardian of my analysis of national statistics on children placed on child protection plans for the Transparency ...
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NICE Consultation

Child Maltreatment: when to suspect maltreatment in under 18s According to NICE: "This guideline covers the signs of possible child ...
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Adoption and child protection trends for children aged under five

My new article has been published by Children and Youth Service Review. Read the accepted manuscript below or download here ...
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Increase in Child Protection Investigations but fewer finding abuse

Children and Young People Now: An increasing proportion of children are subject to official child protection investigations before their fifth ...
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