Professor Andy Bilson

Andy’s current research focuses on the overemphasis of risk in the child protection system and the separation of children from parents through adoption and care.
In Autumn 2018 he is working with Professor David Tobis to promote parental advocacy and activism in child protection reform and developing a course on child protection system reform

My research in the news

More parents accused of child abuse than ever before

Describes changes that have created a deteriorated environment for families in deprived communities who face more stress, less support and the highest ever risk of being accused of abusing their child and then losing them to care or adoption.

How child protection activity links to adoption
Infographic from research



Policies on bruising in babies misinterpret research and exaggerate risk

“A quarter of all babies would have a bruise – it seems strange that [NICE] can carry on saying that bruising is very uncommon”, says Professor Andy Bilson. Read more: See BBC film by Andy Smythe: